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Monday, November 1, 2010

I am

I am trapped in a frame...they call it a mind.  I pace and breath and look and see.  I call it still.  I need to move, I need to break.  I want to move and hate to break.  I hesitate and call it safe but really I am drifting farther out to sea.  I need a min.  
Here I am, trying to forget, trying to live.  I call it strong.  I  touch the sun and take in every bit of it's energy.  I want to hold perfection, I want to know satisfaction.  I want to see humility.  I want to TRUST.
I want to know worth, to know real.  I call it fake.  I call it life.  I have no beat.  I have no real but me.  I still move.  I still breath.  I still smile.  I still Live.  I love me,  I love dreams.  I have hope, I know faith and have a partner for life. 
I seek meaning and purpose.  I strive for better no matter how great it gets.  
My hand is empty but my heart is full.  Should I be worried...  
I am going to move, I am going to try.  I promise to try.  Weak is something forgotton and unknown.  I am strong, I am Sarah.

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